Soluções para a evolução da sua empresa para a Web3

A Rhizom possui uma estrutura baseada em APIs, que permite a integração Plug and Play de diversas soluções com um modelo de negócio inovador baseado em mensalidades para consumo de transações e registros no protocolo:




Digital I.D.

Our Digital Identity solution allows you to create and automate a group of users and information in an automated way, allowing the control and sharing of data by the user (access permission and availability) for interaction with applications and platforms, through SmartConstracts and records in blockchain, all in compliance with LGPD / GDPR.


The Rhizom Traceability Record is a traceability platform for industry 4.0. and allows companies, institutions and organizations to securely track the source and origin of products and services along their chain and validate their history with accurate, real-time data provided by blockchain technology


The Rhizom Tokenization module allows the creation, issuance, management and control of tokens through a set of Smart Contracs, allowing to create any type of digital representation of assets such as money, incentives, contracts, debts, miles, real estate, fractions, assets, products, services, among others.

Marketplace P2P

Rhizom has in its framework a complete marketplace module, customizable for any market, which allows direct negotiation between the parties for different products and services, promoting a collaborative dynamic network and maintaining support features with a business model based on SaaS for logistics, payments, traceability, among others.


The Rhizom certification module acts as a kind of digital registry, enabling security and reliability in the issuance, authentication and verification of certificates at various levels through immutable records on the blockchain.


Rhizom has an innovative wallet for instant payments based on the blockchain with high scalability and that allows to automate all transactions in a traceable way. A secure and integrated system that makes it possible to drastically reduce the costs of registrations and transactions and create new business models.

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