Rhizom Solutions

The First Endowment Fund for Web3 Projects

In a first application that demonstrates the combination of the Truue Oracles ecosystem and Hypha rUSD Stablecoin, we developed the Rhizom Labs platform that contributes to decentralization in the sphere of project capitalization.




rUSD Staking with AEY

Staking in AEY - Automated Endowment Yield - an unprecedented mechanism inspired by the endowment concept. Financial Management Oracles operate, with community endorsed decisions, a fund of stablecoins and the income is allocated in a collaborative seed capital.

Research & Analysis of Projects made by Specialized Oracles

In an example of the application of Truue Specific-Work Oracles, Rhizom Labs has Oracles specialized in the work of researching and analyzing new Web3 projects on the blockchain and presenting defenses of their selections for community governance.

Incubation & Liquidity Programs for Selected Projects

The BlockLabs incubation program is designed to take projects at an early stage to the next level. The ChainLabs Liquidity Program is developed for projects that already have a validated MVP and are launching or about to launch their products.

Rhizom Labs Community Governance

The Rhizom Labs community participates in governance with voting power from RHG tokens and has full control over project admissions decisions in programs and the final word on the management strategies of the stablecoin fund.

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