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In Autonomy
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Blockchain offers unique and immutable registrations

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Previously impossible in the digital world, blockchain offers unique and immutable registrations.

With the Rhizom blockchain protocol, your company can now create unique digital records efficiently, with low cost and security levels never seen before.

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Enjoy all new Web3 technologies

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Marketplace P2P

Customizable for any market, which allows direct negotiation between the parties for different products and services, promoting a collaborative dynamic network and maintaining support features.


Platform for industry 4.0. and allows companies, institutions and organizations to securely track the source and origin of products and services along their chain and validate their history with accurate, real-time data.


Creation, issuance, management and control of tokens through a set of Smart Contracs, allowing to create any type of digital representation of assets.


Wallet for instant payments based on the blockchain with high scalability and that allows to automate all transactions in a traceable way.

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Revolutionize your company, the internet or the whole world.

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